B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering ( ME )

SVIST, One of the Best B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Kolkata

The Department

B.Tech (4 Years) in department of Mechanical engineering established in the year 2008 having intake of 120 at present. It possesses good infrastructural facilities, well-equipped laboratories, highly qualified and dedicated faculty and the atmosphere conducive for research activities. Mechanical Engineering includes design, development, manufacture, management, and control of engineering systems, subsystems, and their components. Typically the manufacturing, power, aerospace, automotive, materials, and processing industries employ mechanical engineers. As a result of the recent rapid expansion of technology, mechanical engineers also have become increasingly involved in computer aided design and visualization; robotics; bioengineering; environmental engineering; solar, wind, and ocean energy sources; and space exploration.

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It has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty providing excellent teaching & learning environment. Faculties with industrial background and visiting guest faculties from reputed laboratories bridge the gap between academic learning and industrial needs. With seven state of art software laboratories equipped with latest machines with high end configurations working in fully networked environment, using client server architecture, it provides excellent learning platform to both student and researcher staff alike. Each machine has full access to broadband internet highway and global information banks. It also has a well equipped hardware laboratory which is also supported by simulation platform. A fairly well equipped multimedia laboratory which supports Web design, animation as well as audio visual experimental platform exposes the students to subjects beyond university syllabus. The department has a large collection of reference books and software packages.

Departmental Vision

To envisage an ambience of excellence, inspiring value based education, research and development in Mechanical Engineering with a commitment to guide students with world-class competency and cutting-edge proficiency to face challenges of global market with confidence and practices to societal problems.

Departmental Mission

  •  I. To impart quality education, training and awareness to students to meet the technological and socio-economical needs of the country.
  •  II. To provide State-of-the-art laboratory facilities to create, interpret, apply and propagate knowledge.
  •  III. To incorporate cosmopolitan outlook among the student and faculty, having connection with the industry and R&D organizations for excellence in teaching, research and consultancy services.

Program Educational Objectives

  •  PEO 1: To nurture and groom the students with suitable understanding of Basic Science, Mathematics and adequate Engineering knowledge in Mechanical Engineering domain.
  •  PEO 2: To develop the students for successful professional careers in the field of Mechanical Engineering of private and government enterprises and also prepare them for higher studies in engineering, management and entrepreneurship skill.
  •  PEO 3: To build up the students for ethical practices in profession, make aware of the social aspects of engineering career and the importance of team work in multi-disciplinary context.

Faculty Members

Dr. Suman Das, Professor & HOD-ME
Dr. Somnath Das, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering