Top B.Tech in CSE College in Kolkata

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering ( CSE )

Top B.Tech in CSE College in Kolkata

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B.Tech(4 Years) in Computer Science & Engineering, being established in 2008, having intake of 60 at present, This department is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Government of India and the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal.

Top B.Tech in CSE College in Kolkata

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It has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty providing excellent teaching & learning environment. Faculties with industrial background and visiting guest faculties from reputed laboratories bridge the gap between academic learning and industrial needs. With seven state of art software laboratories equipped with latest machines with high end configurations working in fully networked environment, using client server architecture, it provides excellent learning platform to both student and researcher staff alike. Each machine has full access to broadband internet highway and global information banks. It also has a well equipped hardware laboratory which is also supported by simulation platform. A fairly well equipped multimedia laboratory which supports Web design, animation as well as audio visual experimental platform exposes the students to subjects beyond university syllabus. The department has a large collection of reference books and software packages.

Course Structure

Departmental Vision

To instil passion for learning and transform students into technical professionals through quality education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

Departmental Mission

  •  1. To impart basic thought process of Computer Science & Engineering to assemble knowledge and value based learning through innovative teaching learning process for developing computer based applications.
  •  2. To promote emerged academic ambience by providing emphasis on skilled faculties in the department of Computer Science & Engineering to achieve specific goals and technical proficiencies to apply latest technologies for students.
  •  3. To establish association and participation with industry for quality improvement and assessment.
  •  4. Encourage learners to pursue higher studies through engineering skills acquired and motivate to be a competent entrepreneur to achieve success by overcoming challenges of life.

Program Educational Objectives

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of CSE department are given below:

  •  PEO1: Enrich graduates to achieve imperative Knowledge, Technical skills to gain concepts of Computer science and Engineering.
  •  PEO2: To build methodological approach towards the creativity & decision making ability of computer support systems for analyzing, designing, testing various computer oriented applications.
  •  PEO3: To create competencies for IT industries through which team work and effective leadership quality will be developed, to serve the society, to create opportunities for Higher Studies and to encourage Entrepreneurship.