Excellent B.Tech Placements

Unveiling the B.Tech Placement Triumph at SVIST

Welcome to the esteemed halls of Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science and Technology (SVIST), where educational prowess converges with unparalleled career opportunities! Join us as we unveil the remarkable saga of B.Tech placement triumph at our institution.

SVIST is renowned for its excellent B.Tech Placement, with graduates securing coveted positions in leading companies. Rigorous training, industry exposure, and dedicated career support ensure our students are well-prepared for the professional world, making SVIST the preferred choice for aspiring engineers in Kolkata.

Why SVIST Stands Out for B.Tech

  • Innovation-Infused Curriculum: At Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science and Technology (SVIST), innovation is not just encouraged; it’s ingrained in our DNA. Our B.Tech programs are meticulously curated to blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, fostering agile minds poised to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Mentorship by Maestros: Prepare to be mentored by luminaries in the field. Our faculty roster comprises industry stalwarts and academic virtuosos who are dedicated to sculpting the leaders of tomorrow, imparting invaluable insights and igniting intellectual curiosity.
  • Technological Oasis: Step into a technological oasis where boundaries blur, and creativity thrives. From cutting-edge labs to futuristic infrastructure, our campus is a playground for exploration, innovation, and boundless possibilities.
  • Placement Paradigm Redefined: Witness the transformative power of our placement cell, redefining the paradigm of B.Tech placements. Armed with industry connections, career guidance, and personalized support, we pave the way for our students to secure coveted positions in leading organizations worldwide.

Thank You Delegates for Prticipating in the Campus Placement

The college has a separate Training and Placement Cell which is headed by highly experienced and dedicated professionals. The cell comprises of energetic & motivated team members and it acts as a pivot for the Industrial Training and Placement of pre-final and final year students.

Some of Our Corporate Partners and Rcruiters

Glimpse of Placements – 2023

Trainings for Skill Improvements

training for skill improvement
Excellent B.Tech Placements
best b.tech placements
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Department wise training details for B.Tech from 1 st to 4 th year

A Glimpse to Our Excellent Placement Record

The Training and Placement Cell also guides and helps the final year students in securing jobs commensurate with their knowledge and achievements, by organizing campus interviews and exploring various avenues for their placement. The cell extends all possible help and provides all available infrastructure facilities to the companies and their respective officials conducting campus interviews in the college campus.

Many of the students of SVIST, with their own merit, skills and support in many aspects have achieved their goal to fulfill their dreams of a successful career in jobs and higher studies in foreign Universities, Reputed Universities, IITs, NITs etc.


Placement Brochure

Placement Cell Core Team

Mr. Tapas Bandopadhyay
General Manager-Training & Placement Cell
Mobile: +91 – 9748003415
Email: vivekananda.tapas@gmail.com | vivekananda.tapas@svist.org

Ms. Jayita Chakraborty
Sr. Training & Placement Officer
Mobile: +91 – 9903509097 / +91 – 7003380307
E – Mail: svisttpo07@gmail.com / jayitachakraborty@svist.org

Mr. Viki Das
Training & Placement Officer
Mobile: +91 – 98836 51246
E – Mail: tposwamiji@gmail.com

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