Top B.Tech Civil Engineering College in Kolkata

B.Tech in Civil Engineering ( CE )

Top B.Tech Civil College in Kolkata

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B.Tech (4 Years) in department of Civil Engineering established in the year 2014 by the Approval of AICTE having intake of 60 at present. It possesses good infrastructural facilities, well-equipped laboratories, highly qualified and dedicated faculty and the atmosphere conducive for research activities. Civil Engineering includes design, development, manufacture, management, and control of engineering systems, subsystems, and their components. Typically the manufacturing, power, aerospace, automotive, materials, and processing industries employ mechanical engineers. As a result of the recent rapid expansion of technology, civil engineers also have become increasingly involved in computer aided design and visualization; robotics; bioengineering; environmental engineering; solar, wind, and ocean energy sources; and space exploration.

Top B.Tech Civil College in Kolkata

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Swami Vivekananda Institute of science and technology was established in the year of 2008. Since inception SVIST has gradually emerged as reputed educational institution in Engineering and Technology field. The institute is affiliated to MAKAUT (formerly WBUT) and duly approved by All India Council of Technical (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Government of India. SVIST has established the civil engineering stream in the year 2014. The newly built department has the exposurein focusing the needs of the students, for imparting excellence ontechnical educationto build up the prospective career of the students.

The department of civil engineering strives to graduate highly qualified engineers, maintain nationally recognized research and provide quality professional and community service to the nation. The department has the objective to build up the students need with beautiful ambitions, highly qualified faculty, a modern Hi-Tech laboratory, well stocked books on civil engineering subjects in the library.

Departmental Vision

The department of civil engineering strives to graduate highly skilled civil engineer.The department also focus on industrial oriented training and provide quality professional for the service to the nation.

Departmental Mission

The civil engineering programme at the SVIST through its faculty staffs, students, work together to earn, generate ,share and use knowledge in the different area of civil engineering. The civil engineering department accomplishes its mission through the undergraduate programme and contributes to the quality by following steps.

  •  1.To educate people with the necessary skills from fundamental to state of the art.
  •  2.To impart the field knowledge to the students.
  •  3.Bringing up life long learning.
  •  4.Developing and sharing technical expertise.
  •  5.To guide for ethical, environmentally responsible engineering practice.
  •  6.Empowering students to be tomorrow’s leader.

Program Educational Objectives

It is well known that industries are responsible for the economic progress and prosperity of any country which leads towards increasing comfort and satisfaction levels of its people and the society at large by applying their knowledge and skills. Following programme educational objectives are identified:

  •  1. Foundation: To provide the students with a solid foundation. So, mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical Sciences are required to build up fundamental knowledge in Civil engineering and to solve the related problems in this field;
  •  2. Competence: To prepare the students to excel in various educational programmes to succeed in industry/ technical profession through further education/ training such as seminars, workshops, conferences, soft skill plan etc.
  •  3. In depth analysis: To train the students with a breadth of Civil engineering knowledge to comprehend, analyse, design and solutions for real life problems.
  •  4. Professionalism: To provide in the students professional/ ethical attitude, effective team work skills, multidisciplinary approach and to relate Civil engineering issues in a broader context.
  •  5. Desired social profiles: To provide the students with academic environment of excellence, leadership, and to encourage with achievement awards for productive career.

Faculty Members