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Anindita Mukherjee

  • Dr Anindita Mukherjee, Assistant Professor

    Dr. Anindita MukherjeeTeacher In-Charge E-mail: akundu.30@gmail.com
    Mobile: 7003599978

    Ph.D from Jadavpur University
    Experience: 9 years Research experience & more than 16 years of Teaching experience in Engineering Colleges

Short Bio

Qualification - PhD from Jadavpur University
Achievements/Awards: 1. Silver Medalist for 1st Class 1st in Masters of IIEST, Shibpur
2. DST-ISPIRE Fellow
Teaching Experience: 1. Assistant Professor, H.O.D, Department of Civil Engineering
Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science & Technology,
Kolkata (19th July,2017 to 31st May,2019)
2. Assistant Professor, Dept of Earth- Sciences, JIS University, Kolkata
(1st June,2019 to 30th April)

Publication Deatils: 1. Anindita Kundu, S.K.Nag; Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes, Chhatna Block, Bankura District, West Bengal; Journal of Geosciences Research; 2016
2. Anindita Kundu, S.K.Nag; Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Kashipur Block, Purulia District, West Bengal; Applied Water Science;2018
3. S.K.Nag,Anindita Kundu; Application of Remote Sensing,GIS and MCA techniques for delineating groundwater prospect zones in Kashipur Block,Purulia District, West Bengal; Applied Water Science; 2018
4. Anindita Mukherjee & S.K. Nag; Sustainability assessment of the groundwater quality in the Kashipur block of Purulia district in West Bengal.; Indian Groundwater 2020
5. Anindita Mukherjee & S.K. Nag; Assessing the quality of groundwater in Gangajalghati Block of Bankura District, West Bengal for agricultural and drinking suitability; International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering; 2020
6. S.K Nag, Pampiya Chowdhury, Shreya Das & Anindita Mukherjee; Deciphering prospective groundwater zones in Bankura district, West Bengal – A study by using GIS platform and MIF Techniques; International Journal of Energy and Water Resources; 2020

Specialisation: Hydrology, Remote Sensing & GIS